Individual Giving

Whether you wish to make a one-off donation or give regularly, your contribution will make the world of difference to Banteay Srei’s work with vulnerable communities.

It is amazing how much can be achieved with just a small amount of money, your cash really could do incredible things!

$10 will provide anger management counselling for a man at the Peace Centre

$10 will cover the cost of police intervention and case management of a survivor of gender based violence

$20 will pay for a woman or child in need of refuge to stay in the Safe House for 1 week! This includes health fees, legal fees, food and travel costs and the cost of a bed in the shelter

$25 will pay for a woman or child to receive extensive counselling during their stay at the Safe House

$30 will providing training on modern agriculture methods and techniques for a family to maximise their natural resources

$40 will pay for an intensive home gardening and crop growing training course inclusive of tools and materials for one family

$50 will pay for a family at attend a fish culture training course so that they can farm fish and cultivate them

$60 will pay for one person to attend a 4 day workshop on developing small business and market skills so that families can create a sustainable business from their farming activities

$70 will pay for Community Facilitators and female Commune Councillors to attend a 3day training course for women in politics, encouraging and supporting leadership in women

 Willing to give a little bit more?

$130 will pay for a 15 day workshop on mushroom farming including tools and materials to equip poor families to generate their own income

$140 will pay for attendance at a climate change and disaster risk management workshop so local communities can mitigate the risk of damage to homes and agriculture schemes as well as adapt farming methods in line with the impact of region specific climate change

$150 will pay for a female Commune Councillor to receive training on gender analysis to strengthen her skill set and knowledge in working with gender based issues in local communities and for local authorities

$250 will pay for vocational training for women from poor families to develop skill sets to generate their own income for years to come. These training courses run for approximately 6 months and train women to be qualified in tailoring, cooking and cosmetic professions. Vocational training helps to break the poverty trap and starts a legacy for self sufficiency

Institutional Donors, Trusts and Foundations

Institutional donors, Trusts and Foundations provide important financial support for Banteay Srei’s work fighting gender-based violence and poverty and bringing lasting change to some of the Cambodia’s poorest communities. Grants made available to Banteay Srei by Institutional Donors, Trusts and Foundations help to cover some or all of the operational costs of a project.

Donors may direct their funding to a specific project or to an area of particular interest to them. Throughout the term of the grant, donors are kept informed of the long term sustainable impact of their funding through detailed reporting and evaluation reports. Opportunities also exist for donors to visit the project they have funded.

If you are a trustee, have links with a trust, or are setting up a grant making trust, we are keen to hear from you. Please contact our Director at

To see Banteay Srei’s current partners click here.

Donations – Bank Account Details

At present, donations can be made by international bank transfer to the following account:

Account name: Banteay Srei
Account number: 2900-20-456993-23
If transferring from overseas:

We understand that donating by bank transfer is not ideal for our international supporters, and we are working on an online donation tool which we hope will be available shortly.