Banteay Srei holds 6 monthly staff meeting to evaluate progress on projects and strategic plan going forward

Banteay Srei holds 6 monthly staff meeting to evaluate progress on projects and strategic plan going forward

From 10 – 14 June 2013, Banteay Staff met in Battambang for a strategic 5 day meeting to explore and evaluate progress made over the past 6 months on specific projects, progress made towards achieving targets set in the 2010 -2013 Strategic plan and to discuss policy amendments and strategy goals moving forward as they embark upon the 2nd half of the year.

Banteay Srei Staff teams were composed of the Peace Centre and the old and new village teams from Siem Reap, the Safe House project team and the programme team in Battambang, the technical team for the organization and the management team.

Carol Strickler, independent consultant who is assisting Banteay Srei with their monitoring and evaluation activities and the development of the next strategic plan (2014-2017) facilitated the first two days of the meeting which began with an informative review of the progress made by the organization towards achieving objectives set in the current strategic plan through discussing key findings uncovered from the monitoring and evaluation activities.

This interactive meeting saw teams split into working groups, carrying out brainstorming sessions, role plays to exhibit ways in which the values of the organization are demonstrated through project activities and group activities that provided all team  members the opportunity to provide their feedback on key achievements, challenges encountered, lessons learnt and suggested changes in policy and processes going forward to enable the organization to better achieve their organizational goal:

‘Vulnerable women in Banteay Srei target areas will be empowered to improve their political, economic and psycho-social status.’

Banteay Srei Director, Sok Panha said of the meeting, ‘The objective of  was to provide all staff members the opportunity to provide feedback on ways in which they feel projects can be better supported and implemented to ensure the goals of the organization are met. We pride ourselves in providing all staff an equal footing in sharing their ideas and through hearing about challenges encountered across the spectrum, it provides us, the management team the opportunity to work in a dynamic way to improve and expand the services we are providing to vulnerable women. The feedback from all staff was brilliant! Everybody was eager to participate and we have come away with some great ideas to implement in our next strategic plan and we now have a clear understanding of what gaps we need to fill for the remainder of the year to achieve our 2013 objectives and deliver an effective 6 month plan.’

The atmosphere at the meeting was electric with thoughts and ideas being bounced around, it was evident that all staff members are committed to their projects, to results and most importantly to their beneficiaries.