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The group was established in November 2017 and started operating in 2018. The underlying objective of this men’s group, focused on promoting gender equality, is to bolster support for women and children by creating pathways to leadership roles for women within their family, society and in institutions. Additionally, in cases of domestic violence occurring in BS’s target areas, men can play a role in facilitating counseling, timely intervention, and reporting to the relevant authorities. As of now, the Good Men Network comprises 457 men from the target communities in the provinces of Siem Reap and Battambang provinces. Moving forward, BS remains committed to strengthening the group’s capacity for learning and advocacy concerning gender-related issues, while promoting peer-to-peer knowledge exchange across different groups and communities.


The Children and Youth Network was established in early 2020, in the Siem Reap and Battambang provinces. Its members are children or youths, both orphaned or not, alongside migrants’ offspring or those who are migrants themselves, as well as vulnerable children. As of now, there are 10 groups comprising a total of 313 members (198 of whom are girls) across 2 districts. The Children and Youth Network convenes regular meetings, training sessions and discussions with the objective of empowering boys and girls to understand their rights, as well as the structure and mechanisms underlying children’s rights and protection. Through this activity, children and youth are completely enabled to independently lead meetings and effectively identify and address community issues, particularly those concerning children. They can confidently present these concerns to relevant authorities and stakeholders, supported by compelling arguments.


Established in 2017, the group now counts 140 members from the target areas of the Siem Reap and Battambang provinces. The group’s purpose is to provide a safe space and an opportunity for women to come together and openly share their experiences and challenges, without restrictions, judgment or limitations. Meetings often take place in the Safe House, the Counseling Center for Victims, established through a Banteay Srei program to facilitate outreach and counseling activities focused on gender-based violence issues and related topics. BS’s objective through the Happy Women Network is to witness the group attain autonomy, develop a coherent strategic plan to sustain its activities, and empower all members and their communities.


The Young Women Network was established in 2018 and consists of a selection of 10 to 15 young female volunteers from various villages. By means of meetings and workshops, the group strives to strengthen the capacity and prospects of young women to participate in decision-making processes within villages, communes, and society at a large. This involves transforming mindsets and fostering skills and knowledge. Moreover, the group actively engages in advocacy efforts to catalyze a shift from traditional family-oriented perspectives, thus influencing communities and society to become more attuned to women’s issues and their inherent rights.


During the implementation of its action plan, Banteay Srei launched its strategic activities by establishing a skills development center in 2015. This center offers vocational training, such as tailoring, weaving and agricultural skills training. The driving force behind the creation of this facility stemmed from a comprehensive needs assessment of women within the target region. Our analysis revealed that vulnerable women in the area still encountered difficulties in securing a reliable and steady income, prompting some to migrate for work in other provinces or abroad, especially to countries like Thailand. In particular, they highlighted the lack of vocational training opportunities that could equip them with self-sufficiency and the ability to make autonomous decisions. We hope that this center will play a vital role in improving the skills of impoverished women, women with disabilities, those who have experienced gender-based violence, and those impacted by migration, primarily in the fields of on vocational skills, garment work, and weaving. This center is located in Phnom Trong Bat village, Kampong Thkov commune, Kralanh district, Siem Reap province.


Banteay Srei established the Safe House in October 2005 in Siem Reap, in response to requests from the Provincial Department of Women's Affairs,the Provincial Department of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation, and other non-governmental organizations operating in Siem Reap. The Safe Homes offers supplementary support services to government agencies or civil society organizations that work with victims of gender-based violence (GBV). Functioning as both a shelter and a referral center for abused women and girls, it provides short-term accommodation, daily meals, transportation, referrals for initial medical services (first aid), legal and counseling support, orientation on basic rights, basic health education, and guidance in in filing legal referrals to partners for rehabilitation and reintegration into their families or communities.


The group was establishd in 2018 and is comprised of volunteer farmers aiming to learn agricultural techniques through integrated agricultural nutrition. As of now, 24 groups have been formed at the village level, with a total of 243 members (199 women). At the commune level, 2 groups exist, consisting of 137 members (124 women). The objective of the Producer Group is to improve the agricultural skills of its members in accordance with updated quality technical standards. Additionally, it aims to and build a strong reputation thereby expanding its client base through facilitating the connection of products between producers, traders, and buyers, ultimately increasing the income of the members’ families.

Our Donors

We highly value our partnerships with the following donors, who not only share our vision and provide us with financial assistance but also motivate and inspire us to achieve our objectives. We are deeply grateful for their ongoing support