Sustainable Development


Banteay Srei’s grassroots development model consciously plans from the beginning of its involvement in a community how it will be able to leave, and what capacities need to be developed so key activities can increasingly operate without support.

Community Level Development Structures

In each of the 53 target villages, the community appoints a team of five to seven community facilitators (mostly women) to lead development initiatives. Through a participatory rural appraisal (PRA) process, community needs are identified and the plans and priorities the community draw up are integrated as much as possible into the local village and commune development plans, using the processes and structures created in decentralisation.

The appointment of capable community facilitators and an understanding of community needs through the PRA process creates solid and long-lasting community development structures that will continue to function after Banteay Srei withdraws direct support.

Phase Out of Target Villages

Banteay Srei has established a clear process for engagement of new target villages and implementation of phase-out from villages who are no longer in need of direct support. The readiness of a particular village to be phased out is monitored using indicators that community facilitators and others have created, enabling a consistent measure of progress and quick indication of any important problems to be resolved.