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We are delighted to host a visit by Diakonia Asia, @Swedish International Development Agency Sida, and a representative of the Embassy of Sweden to the Banteay Srei office in Siem Reap on October 2–3, 2023.

Women's participation in decision-making is crucial to promoting gender equality, human rights, democracy, and playing an active role in addressing issues in society. Banteay Srei's mission is to empower women in leadership and women's participation in political, social, and economic for transformative and positive change towards gender equality in the country. We would like to thank Diakonia Asia for the support given to Banteay Srei and all delegates for the support given to Cambodia.

#WomenEmpowermentForPositiveChange #PeopleChnageTheWorld


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Executive Director | April 21, 2023

The Executive Director

The Executive Director was honored to meet with the British Ambassador to Cambodia to discuss the opportunity to work together to promote gender equality in Cambodia. We would like to thank Ambassador Dominic Williams, British Ambassador to Cambodia, for taking the time to hear about the sharing of the work of Banteay Srei

Happy Khmer New Year | April 10, 2023

Happy Khmer New Year

On the morning of April 10, 2023, Banteay Srei Organization invited monks to bless Chamroeun Preah Berit to sprinkle the zodiac sign on the occasion of Khmer New Year at the office of Banteay Srei Organization in Siem Reap. Read more →

BanteaySrei | March 24, 2023


Last March 14, 2023, #BanteaySrei, in collaboration with the Puok District Administration, organized a Multi-Sectoral Response Working Group Meeting on Gender-Based Violence which held at Puok District Hall with participants from local authorities (village, commune, police, commune, district) and partner organizations, a total of 53 people/34 women from 14 communes in Puok district. The purpose of this meeting is to: 1. Strengthen the provision of multi-sectoral services in response to violence against women and girls with quality, efficiency and inclusive through cooperations between service providers and stakeholders. 2-Providing the opportunity to gender peace network (GPN) of Banteay Srei to all the chronic cases that are thought to be unresolved at the grassroots level are discussed to find a joint solution. #WomenEmpowerToEndGenderBasedViolence #EndingViolenceAgainstWomenAndGirls

Banteaysrei | March 22, 2023


#BanteaySrei in Siem Reap province organized one-day training on Positive Masculinity, Gender and Feminism to male local authorities, commune councilors, and village leaders from the 04 target districts (Angkor Chum, Angkor Thom, Brasat Bakong and Puok. #PositiveMasculinity

Banteaysrei | March 21, 2023


#BanteaySrei conducted awareness raising to high school students and training to village health support group (VHSG) on social protection schemes in target districts, Siem Reap and Battambang province. #socialprotection

Executive Director | February 12, 2023

Executive Director

The Executive Director, Ms.Sdeung Phearong had an honor to participate in a discussion on “Women Leadership in Covid-19 Response” at the Regional Dialogue on Building Forward Better with Women’s Leadership and Participation on 15-16 in Bangkok organized by UN Women. “The Covid-19 pandemic had caused the increasing of number of poverty and women were more likely to face greater challenges on mental health and livelihood threat. Despite, the heavy impact on women, but we also see women lead effectively in response to Covid-19 pandemic both technical and leadership globally. As a civil society organization, Banteay Srei also faced significant challenges regarding to the lack of funding, and program delivery, but we also see the opportunities of where collective collaboration among Government, CSOs, and communities people worked together to effectively response to the COVID-19 ”. Phearong said.

BanteaySrei organized two community meetings | February 02


Organized Two Community Meetings

#BanteaySrei organized two community meetings (on 20 January 2023 in Samrong village, Snoeng commune, Banan district, Battambang province and 23 January 2023 in Kampong Seyma village, Sangkat Wat Kor, Krong Battambang) amongst community facilitators (CF), community networks, CCWCs, health center chiefs, village authority and BS’s staff with totally 33/28females ( include 02 female with disabilities). The meeting aimed to promote understanding on social protection system and support local authority to identify people with disabilities, and vulnerable women, and encourage them to register and access to the social protection services for the people with disabilities. This is one of the activities under project name “Community Empowerment for Increasing Social Protection Awareness to Vulnerable People, including Women and People with Disabilities” funded by #GIZcambodia. #CommunityEmpowermentOnSocialProtection

Banteaysrei | January 19, 2023


From January 4 to 12, 2023, the program staff of Banteay Srei in both target provinces; Siem Reap and Battambang - received training on Mental Health, Community Resource Mobilization, Trust Building, Conflict Resolution (Family Mediation Techniques), Stress Management, Anger Management and Counseling Skills facilitated by the Consultant from Culture 4 Change (#C4C)

Our Donors

We highly value our partnerships with the following donors, who not only share our vision and provide us with financial assistance but also motivate and inspire us to achieve our objectives. We are deeply grateful for their ongoing support