Ms. Houn Sam Orn : Leadership Development

Location: Battambang Province

Summary: Through Banteay Srei trainings and support, Ms. Houn Sam Orn developed her leadership skills so that she can continue to support her community in women’s rights issues.

Houn Sam Orn at Commune Office

Houn Sam Orn at the Commune Office in Battambang.

Mrs Houn Sam Orn, 41 years old (divorced)

Before participating in Banteay Srei’s programs, she applied to a position in the Commune Committee for Women and Children (CCWC). After applying the second time, she was elected to the position of 2nd deputy to the Commune. Even though she used to work with the community, she was confused about her role and was not confident about Gender Base Violence (GBV) cases. She confesses, “I had a lack of knowledge and I rarely joined workshops or trainings. My communication was not good at all.” In 2017, she involved herself in Banteay Srei.

Banteay Srei invited her to join as a project member and provided her many trainings for strengthening her capacity to solve community’s issues and facilitating social accountability. Banteay Srei also work to involve her in the Village Development Plan and Commune Investment Plan due to her increased capacity in leadership, feminism & gender streaming, communication, and community-based organizations in the villages. According to Ms. Houn Sam Orn, “It was thanks to Banteay Srei that I became very confident and I know how to work, especially with GBV cases.”

In the past, she had already participated in other sustainability initiatives, consisting of supporting safe communities; this time it was different as Banteay Srei works closely with vulnerable women and the Female Commune Council to strengthen women’s leadership capacity and provide support to GBV cases.
She reported that her most significant achievements after getting involved with Banteay Srei is her ability to speak-out, her good relationship with local authorities and communities and her capacity to prepare an annual work plan and increase women’s activities budget.

Ms. Houn Sam Orn hopes to continue to improve her life and support her community by pursuing a bachelor’s degree related to her work position and generating incomes through agriculture.

June 6, 2019